Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pretty & Polished: Jawbreaker

Today I bring you an oldie but a goodie. Well, it's really not old at all but it was one the first indie polishes I bought so it has a special place in my heart. Chelsea from Pretty & Polished is also super nice so it is a pleasure buying from  her store.

I've gotten so many compliments in the past two days about this polish, and they are well deserved. All the glitters just look so pretty and delicate on the nails. Chelsea recently started taking pre-orders in her blog but she also updates her Etsy store very often. 

Pictures in artificial light

Pictures in natural light

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Colors that don't work: Trout Pout

I love the color of Butter London's Trout Pout. I loved how it looked on the bottle, on the color chart, and on other nail bloggers. However, I didn't like how it looked on me.

I debated whether or not to post the pictures in the blog, after all most of the readers are not after nail disasters. But then I thought that it was important for me to be objective and share both the good and the bad. So, here it is: one of my nail polish fails.

The first picture doesn't look that bad except for the sloppy cleaning job on my part, but I think the second picture translates better how it looked in most lighting conditions (most importantly in my office). I ended up wearing it only for a couple hours and then changing it.